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Kojikoji Ginza Mp3. Maximum output is,9 kw. Bleed the system. The background lights up when you press the screen or the MENU button. Mark the place where the flue is to be located. Logiciel de zone d'édition dp. Push the exhaust hose into the inlet hose.

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For this reason, propane is used in colder countries. The cylinders contain LPG both in liquid and gaseous form. When the cylinders are filled, the pressure turns the gas into liquid. When the cylinder valve is opened, the LPG becomes a gas again. The risk involved in using LPG is that any leaking gas may ignite and explode. Since LPG is heavier than air, any leaking gas will collect at the lowest point. LPG contains no toxic substances, but breathing in concentrated gas may have a certain anaesthetising effect, and can also result in shortness of breath and symptoms of suffocation.

These symptoms quickly disappear if the sufferer breathes in ordinary air or oxygen. Naturally, it is inadvisable to inhale either LPG or exhaust fumes. To make it easier to detect gas leaks, a substance with a distinctly rank smell has been added. A good supply of air is essential to ensure complete combustion. LPG is extremely environmentally compatible and does not generate any soot during complete combustion. It can be stored in cylinders for an unlimited time period, without any deterioration of quality.

Pressure The LPG burner usually works at a lower pressure than that in the cylinder. Low pressure Low pressure and intermediate pressure are always reduced pressure.

Incorrect type for conditions?. Is the main tap fully open? Check that a suitable type of LPG is used for the prevailing outdoor temperature. Use propane instead! If the boiler has not been operated for some time, or if the gas cylinder has been changed, it may take longer than normal to light the boiler. Check that the fuse for the boiler is intact. Check whether the electric connections on the boiler are securely in position.

If none of the above helps, contact a service workshop. The heating element is not working:. Check that the relays fitted to the boiler come on a slight click can be heard from the relays when the heating element is switched on at the control panel.

Emergency start and operation:. Disconnect V and the cable to the panel on the heater.. Connect a cable between and 9 in the contact device on the heater.

Connect V to the heater. Now the heater starts with gas and kw. Regulation of room temperature does not function, constant pump operation. WARRANTY Alde s warranty is valid for one year from the date of delivery and covers materials or manufacturing faults, provided that the directions for installation and use have been followed.

Only genuine Alde parts may be used as replacement parts. These instructions explain the installation and assembly of the boiler and expansion tank.

Read these instructions carefully before installation of the boiler. These instructions are approved for The Alde Compact boiler fitted in recreational vehicles. If located outside the vehicle, the boiler should be built into an enclosed space so that it is protected against splashing of water, exhaust gases, etc.

In choosing the location, consideration should also be given to dismantling the service hatch A and that space will be available for replacement of components during service.

The data plate on the boiler must be legible after installation. The measurements given in Fig.

A are the recommended minimum measurements for mounting of the boiler. The space where the boiler is to be assembled must be ventilated, with a ventilation area of at least 0.

Fig A.. Service panel.

The flue must not be blocked. The wall flue should be mounted on as flat a surface as possible, and also so that air can freely circulate past the flue.

If the flue is mounted closer than the measurements given above, a window circuitbreaker shall be installed that shuts off the LPG gas supply when the window is open.

NOTE: that current national regulations must be followed. Mark the place where the flue is to be located.

First mount the gasket B 7 and then screw down the flue B 8 with the 6 plate screws B 9. If the surface is structured, of ball-hammered plate type, sealing compound for automobile application must be used with the gasket.


Mount the plastic cap B 0a and the O ring B 0b with the accompanying two screws B. Note that the hoses will go on to the hose sleeves. Push the exhaust hose into the inlet hose. For example Dow Corning q Put the exhaust hose over the wall flue connection B8. Tighten the hose clamp B3.

Heat Wave +

Put the air inlet tube B4 on the wall flue connection. Tighten the hose clamp B5. Make the same proceedure when connecting the hoses to the heater. If the expansion tank is mounted in a wardrobe for example, Alde s protective housing should be mounted around the expansion tank.

This will stop accidental splashes coming in contact with clothing. Fit the expansion vessel using the screws and support rings D 6 supplied. If a circulating pump is fitted in the expansion vessel it is a sucking pump and incoming hoses shall therefore always be connected to the pipe underneath the pump and outgoing hoses to the pipe alongside see fig.

The air vent hose D 7 must be assembled vertically upwards and clamped down so that creases cannot form in the hose. The drainage hose D 8 must be mounted so that it goes the shortest route from the expansion tank out through the floor of the vehicle. After the heating system has been filled, the tank shall be sealed with the cap.

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